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If you could be a contestant on any game show, what would you want to be on?

I'm just wondering if you'd want to play something that took intelligence or something that was based on luck. I'd want to be on "Deal or No Deal". I like playing along with "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune" and I do well but I don't think I'd be so great at them if I actually was a contestant. I'm so embarrassed if I was like on "Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader" and I missed a second grade question! If you could be a contestant on any game show, what would you want to be on?
I'd go on Wheel of Fortune because even the person who comes in 3rd place gets to keep the money they earned.
Deal or No DealIf you could be a contestant on any game show, what would you want to be on?
Blind date. Shame it got cancelled :(
I would go and play on "Deal or No Deal."If you could be a contestant on any game show, what would you want to be on?
Deal or no Deal (so stressful though!) and also Cash Cab.
Price is right.

Luck shows always want you to act the part, and I'm not about to act like a jack@ss. And Intelligence shows, I'd be afraid that I'd get tossed in the first round or so. So not cool.
Family Feud. Thats always fun to play along with ^^
Jeopardy but I am not smart enough

Who wants to be a millionaire that I would own
Who wants to be a millionaire...
I'd kick *** on "Don't Forget the Lyrics".
Price is right
The Price is Right with Bob barker
Prices is Right!
something with words , like lingo, maybe.
umm...maybe Deal or no Deal.
Jeopardy for sure!
Wheel of fortune
Deal or no Deal. I love watching that show because people are so greedy and I love seeing them lose all or some of their money. I would take whatevetr I could get on that show and be out......shooot anything would still be more than i came in with!
Either 5th grader or Wheel!

Deal or no Deal is too risky IMO
Family Feud

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Price is Right


I need a good trivia catagory for a game at school?

we are playing jeopardy at school and most of it is science quetions but im allowed to come up with a bonus catagory and i need to be creative but i have no idea what to askI need a good trivia catagory for a game at school?
ummm..... hair??

( i saw it once on a epsiode of jepordy)
Fairy Tale,

Do a question like...

I like my own little corner, and I'm forced to sweep,

I am not Snow White, or Little Bo Peep,

My whole darn family is making me unglad,

What fairy tale character am I, please answer this question before I go mad!!!I need a good trivia catagory for a game at school?
Have like a human body catagory. Ask questions like how body systems do we have or which organ does what.I need a good trivia catagory for a game at school?

Have JWs now resorted to deliberately misquoting Jeopardy to rationalize their NWT?

A previous asker stated a question featured on the game show "Jeopardy" identified the JW "New World Translation" as the most accurate translation of the Bible available.

Here's the question:…

However, the "Jeopardy" message board seems to disprove this assertion:…

Just in case these Jeopardy geeks are wrong, can anyone provide a web page to back up the asker's dubious claim?Have JWs now resorted to deliberately misquoting Jeopardy to rationalize their NWT?
MY god, it's a POWERPOINT GAME someone made up and posted on the internet and called it "Theology Jeopardy." It isn't the TV Jeopardy, and any common sense adult thinking person would know they would never endorse one over the other. For all we know, a Jw - (maybe it was the questioner? Or Achtung?) posted it and then used it as proof.

For some JW to post this as FACT without taking the time to do research is mind-numbing. OTOH, it's typical of the way they run with rumors at anything that makes them feel more holy than thou.

Follow up to TRK: sorry I came across so harshly. I usually find your questions and answers reasonable. I'm surprised actually that it was your Q. It's just that accuracy of a particular translation is such a subjective judgement, it is very unlikely that any broadcasting company would endorse one over the other. Plus, imagine the backlash from viewers or listeners who disagreed for one reason or another; or, those who felt another translation should have been included.

It reminded me of when I was in the WT and a rumor spread (and was, incredibly, BELIEVED) that the little blue smurf dolls - supposedly demons - actually got up and walked out of a Kingdom Hall during WT Study one Sunday.

Sometimes, it pays just to think it through and ask, "does this sound plausible?"
Perform a search here on:

"NWT Jeopardy" or "JWs Jeopardy"

As of April 15, 2007, the ONLY result is the anti-JW diatribe above


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Have JWs now resorted to deliberately misquoting Jeopardy to rationalize their NWT?
Achtung, you slander the Word of God by every word you've typed on R%26amp;S. How many people have you caused to wander from the truth into lies? There is nothing that will be hidden from Him on the day of your judgement. You have followed another Gospel and are therefore anathema.

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Besides, I posted links to PROOF that what I wrote is correct. And how typical of you not to understand the difference between "slander" and "libel."

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Have JWs now resorted to deliberately misquoting Jeopardy to rationalize their NWT?
The Jeopardy message board reads as follows: "The only two games with clues having to do with Bible translations are these: #5042, aired 2006-07-11 OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1663 John Eliot's translation of this, both the old %26amp; new parts, appeared in Algonquin #2959, aired 1997-06-12 (continued)

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(continued) RELIGION $100: The first translation of this book printed in America was John Eliot's 1661-63 Algonquian one.

Therefore, the New World Mistranslation was NEVER mentioned on Jeopardy, let alone stated to be the most accurate translation, ROFL!

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Believe me. We don't need Jeopardy to know that the New World Translation is the BEST translation available today. Jehovah God's name appears where it should.

It's horrible that most Bible translations have removed our Creators name !!!

Jehovah is God Almighty and his Son is Jesus Christ.
I am the one who posted the question about Jeopardy. A friend of mine, very reliable said they SAW the show. I have emailed them for the date of the show.

If I am wrong, I do apologize, and it will teach me not to believe everything I read.

I did not post this question to cause such a ruckus. That is why I didn't mention JW's in the question.

Again I apologize if I was told wrong. There was no malicious intent. I just thought it was interesting!

Especially sorry to my fellow brothers %26amp; sisters.

As of now (about 12:30pm Pacific Time on April 12, 2007), this "question" is only two hours old. The supposed "conspiratorial" question in the link is already deleted, so obviously that other questioner realized his mistake and conscientiously removed it.

The only real issue remaining is whether this questioner will do the same.

(Zechariah 8:16-17) These are the things that you people should do: Speak truthfully with one another. With truth and the judgment of peace do your judging in your gates. 17 And calamity to one another do not you scheme up in your hearts, and do not love any false oath; for these are all things that I have hated,’ is the utterance of Jehovah.”
Instead of wasting your time on game shows you would do well to research for yourself and you would learn as many others have that the NW translation is the most accurate and easily understandable version of the Bible available today.
Well the link is not inactive, so I cannot comment on it. However consider how often people misquote things with NO malice or illintent. Even if the poster was doing so, the answer is still NO. The question could be, has *insert name of poster* resorted to... however, I recently was informed you can't put someone's ID in a Q.

Consider the numerous miss quotes and inaccurate statements on here about, well, almost all subjects. I hope most of these are without a desire to cause problems.

In any event this is a good reminder to NEVER believe what we here/read as true on the sole, singular basis of someone says it/types it/writes it.
Even if Jeopardy had the question (which is doubtful) does it really matter? Are they experts on NT translations?
And how many Jehovah's Witnesses have posted that question here in Y/A!?

....Oh...1, just 1 out of the 6.7+ million. So how come the whole group is being pulled into your attempt to discredit Jehovah's Witnesses?

I'd say that Jehovah's Witnesses don't have to deliberately do anything to rationalize the NWT. Many Bible scholars themselves have stated that the NWT is the only Bible that is translated according to the Original Greek Scriptures. So regardless of whether this is right (which I heard it is) or not, the NWT still stands to be one of the best translations of the Bible ever.
Wow, thank you for the question. I was having what you might call a gnarly day and this gave me a real belly laugh.

I'm putting up my "gone fishing" sign and heading over to my favorite chair to curl up with a good version of the Bible. Guess which one it isn't.
These are the tactics religious people use.

But they're probably not aware when they do it and only assume that others do it.
That's what I've heard!

I found where this thing originated though (see source). It was one JW who said he heard a thing about the NWT being on Jeopardy (having heard of this powerpoint thing), and it slowly evolved into the NWT being the "Best Translation"... come on, people!
my original answer sticks - jeopardy starts with an answer and ends with a question - contradictory to what the yahoo question stated

btw, could jeopady geeks really be wrong?
Was this an actual Jeopardy question?

If the response was in fact the NWT, that would be very interesting sense the NWT, is a biased translation. That is, translated only by JW's.

Plus, this doesn't seem like a good question for Jeopardy. Because really this is a matter of opinion and has to do with what you consider accurate and the various translation methodologies. (Dynamic equivalent, word for word, etc)

Watch game shows online?

Can I watch game shows (particularly, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune) online? i find that i don't have the time during weekdays due to schoolwork and everything else, so I was wondering if I can watch it on my own time on weekends. yes, i do pay for cable.Watch game shows online?
the only one i know is "price is right " on cbs .comWatch game shows online?
Go to

What are some good games to use when studying for a math test?

I have a group of statistics students coming over to study. I was looking for another game to play besides Jeopardy. Thanks :)What are some good games to use when studying for a math test?

Thats a good website with lots of cool and fantastic games :)
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  • What is a game show you're really good at,?

    and one you're not?

    I'm okay at Jeopardy

    and really bad at wheel of fortuneWhat is a game show you're really good at,?'s on The Game Show Network.

    I'm terrible at Deal or No Deal...I'd probably walk away with 0 dollars.What is a game show you're really good at,?
    I'm good at guessing the answer and bad at getting it right.What is a game show you're really good at,?
    I'm good at Family Feud, but I'm terrible at Jeopardy... it's too Sophihisticated for me
    Am I Smarter Than A Sixth grader or whatever that show is.

    Have you ever been on a television game show?

    Like Jeopardy, Family Fued, Dating Game, Newlywed Game, etc?

    I haven't but wonder if you or anyone you know has been on one.Have you ever been on a television game show?
    Yes, I was on the Dating Game as a contestant and the girl picked me because I had fewer stupid answers than the other guys (it was just luck). Do you know what the date was? Dinner and being guests of honor at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new freeway in Southern California. LOL!!! Oh well, at least the limo was fun. And I never saw the girl again.Have you ever been on a television game show?
    i was in the audience on the price is right...a total waste of a day in california!!Have you ever been on a television game show?
    I have never been on a national TV game show, but I WAS on a New Orleans trivia game show some years ago, made and broadcast in New Orleans. I still have it on VHS tape. It was called "N.O. It Alls." I didn't win, but I might have done better if they hadn't had the contestants answer which high school the show's host attended in New Orleans! He was/is a New Orleans sports broadcaster. How was anyone supposed to know which high school he attended unless the person went to school with him?? I thought it was a very unfair question.